There’s a Reason “Consult” is Part of Our Name.

It describes our overall philosophy and approach to every client.

Before every client engagement, Consultance spends as much time as necessary to understand an organization’s needs, including accounting and bookkeeping challenges, available resources and workflows.

And we go deeper than that. Consultance believes that to deliver the best accounting and bookkeeping service, we must understand your overall goals and strategies. This big picture view enables us to truly customize a solution that works the way you do—so you don’t have to adjust your operations to fit your accounting service.

Ongoing Commitment to Proactive Client Engagement

Consultance’s commitment goes beyond the initial assessment and recommendation. We are dedicated to remaining proactively engaged to consult with you on how your organization as it evolves and needs change over time. In this manner, we can ensure that you’ll have the best financial information available–so you can make the best business decisions at any given time.

CASflowSM: Consultance’s Innovative, User-Friendly Paperless Platform

Consultance firmly believes that basic bookkeeping functions can be delivered in a more streamlined, user-friendly and cost-effective way.

How? By integrating them with customized workflows and online, “paperless” technology that tangibly reduce the amount of time and effort our clients have to spend on their accounting and bookkeeping while ensuring the highest quality service, regardless of their geographic location.

That’s why Consultance offers CASflowSM, an innovative, time-saving, paperless platform for clients that:

  • Enables our clients to send and receive accounting and bookkeeping related documents to us electronically;
  • Creates and tracks all processes and work flows;
  • Eliminates paper checks;
  • Integrates with their online banking and bill payment services; and
  • Provides real-time access to key reports.