Helping Businesses Focus on Managing and Growing their Business

Accounting and bookkeeping functions help businesses manage their financial health, which is the foundation of any successful operation. But frequently, small- and medium-sized businesses struggle to find the right level of expertise that is proactive and responsive while also flexible enough to meet their budgetary needs.

That’s where Consultance comes in. Our entire business model is designed to service the needs of businesses from $1 – $10 million in annual revenue located in any city or state in the nation: we are on-demand, low-overhead, and we have invested in the technology to streamline the way our clients interact with their financial operations.

Consultance works with businesses to:

  • Provide accounting and bookkeeping services to help them manage their financial resources more accurately, efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop accurate financial statements that they can rely upon to make good business decisions and effectively run their companies
  • Create an appropriate Chart of Accounts.
  • Develop an informative and accurate cash management system.
  • Provide ongoing bookkeeping services.
  • Prepare accurate financial statements and improve the quality of your financial reports
  • Track and analyze expenses
  • Liaison with your tax and audit professionals
  • We work with you to set up a schedule and work description that fits the needs of your organization.
  • Create and document policies, procedures and support materials related to your bookkeeping and accounting requirements
  • File Sales & Use Tax
  • Banking Relationships