Consultance Enables National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics to Manage Finances from Anywhere, at Any Time

You’re the executive director of a very dedicated non-profit. In a typical day, you may manage the mission, fundraising, hiring, and countless strategic projects. And you’re responsible for the numbers. How do you manage your organization’s finances and books when you’re juggling so many balls in the air?

That’s the challenge faced by National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux Busby, who needed an accounting and bookkeeping solution that could ‘keep up with’ her busy schedule and requirements, including the ability to review and share real-time financial reports with her board members, approve and pay invoices and record payments and donation – from wherever she happens to be: planes, trains, automobiles, hotels or conference rooms.

Read their story to see how Consultance can help non-profits who need a next generation accounting firm to achieve financial sustainability.

The Challenge

When Consultance Founder Orin Schepps visited NAFC to understand their requirements, the ‘anytime/anywhere’ requirement came through loud and clear.

“Like many small not-for-profit organizations, NAFC staff members wear several hats – so the Executive Director also manages the
finances,” says Schepps.

“NAFC’s Executive Director needed a solution that works the way she works—constantly on the road. She can’t adjust her schedule and workflow to fit the
accounting and bookkeeping system; it has work the other way around.”

According to NAFC Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux Busby, “For us, any accounting and bookkeeping provider that did not allow real-time, online, paperless access was a non-starter.”

The Solution

“In 2010 we determined that a key priority was to upgrade the way we managed NAFC’s finances. We interviewed five outside resources. Consultance stood out in two important ways,” says Busby.

“First, they invested a significant amount of their time to understand our requirements. They not only heard us, they recommended an approach that resonated, including a paperless system that allows me to manage a substantial portion of our bookkeeping tasks from my smartphone, anywhere in the world.

“That capability helped sell us on choosing Consultance, and it has actually outperformed our expectations in terms of saving time and money. And that translates into more satisfied constituents, stakeholders and staff. NAFC simply could not ask for more.”

NAFC’s Challenges

  • Need ability to manage accounting and bookkeeping remotely, including approving and paying invoices; viewing real-time reports; and processing donations.
  • Essential to improve communication of financial updates to NAFC stakeholders.
  • Reduce number of steps and amount of staff time required for accounting and bookkeeping functions.
  • Streamline process of preparing for and undergoing audits.

The Consultance Solution

  • Implemented paperless document management system & set up real time access to server-based QuickBooks.
  • Set up process to classify and record donations.
  • Develop customized financial reporting package for Executive Director and Board of Director meetings.
  • Integrated QuickBooks and online bill pay functions, eliminating the need to print and send out paper checks.
  • Handled virtually all audit support, including gathering supporting documentation and communication with auditors.

The Outcome

  • Board members and other stakeholders have an up to date understanding of NAFC financials.
  • Minimal NAFC staff time is required to effectively manage bookkeeping and accounting.
  • More accurate and detailed view of revenue sources and overhead costs, such as donations, fundraising and marketing.
  • Time to prepare for and complete audit process has been reduced by 80%.

The Bottom Line

“Consultance promised—and delivered—a way for NAFC to manage accounting and bookkeeping anytime and anywhere, with fewer steps and minimal paper. They have outperformed every expectation we had.”

—Nicole Lamoreaux Busby
Executive Director
National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

About NAFC

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) is the only nonprofit 501c(3) organization whose mission is solely focused on the issues and needs of the more than 1,200 Free and Charitable Clinics and the people they serve in the United States.