Consultance Understands the Unique Needs of Not for Profits and Associations

Over the years, Consultance has worked with a range of not-for-profit organizations and associations in Washington, DC and other cities in the United States, so we have deep expertise in their unique needs and a broad perspective on their overall business challenges.

Consultance works with not-for-profit organizations across the nation to:

  • Provide accounting and bookkeeping services to help them manage their financial resources more accurately, efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop accurate financial statements that they can rely upon to make good decisions and effectively run their organizations
  • Create an appropriate Chart of Accounts.
  • Develop an informative and accurate cash management system.
  • Provide ongoing bookkeeping services.
  • Prepare accurate financial statements and improve the quality of your reports to your funders and Board of Directors.
  • Track functional expenses accurately
  • Track “restricted vs. unrestricted” assets
  • Track in kind donations
  • Train staff and board members in financial literacy.
  • Liaison with your tax and audit professionals
  • We work with you to set up a schedule and work description that fits the needs of your organization.
  • Create and document policies, procedures and support materials related to your bookkeeping and accounting requirements
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the nonprofit sector.
  • Knowledge of nonprofit-specific accounting, the audit process and risk management principles and procedures.

Consultance Services for Not-for-Profit Organizations:

  • Functional Expense Allocations
  • Program Services
  • Temporary vs. Permanently Restricted
    • Grants and contributions
    • Board designated
  • Deferred Revenues
  • Prepaid Expenses
  • Contributions Receivable

Special Offer for Consultance’s Not-for-Profit Clients

To acknowledge the importance of not-for-profit organizations such as these, Consultance has created a program where it will donate 5% of accounting service fees to another qualified not for profit organization of your choosing. For more information, please contact Orin Schepps at

Consultance Accounting Services
Not-for-Profit Bookkeeping Cost-Benefit Comparison

There are a number of resources that can manage your accounting and bookkeeping functions. Are you getting the most for your investment?

Criteria Typical
Accounting Services
Not-for-Profit Expertise
Subject matter expertise with not for profit organizations. Program services, permanent vs. temporarily restricted, functional expense allocations, deferred memberships/revenue
Sometimes Sometimes No Yes
QuickBooks Not-for-Profit
Experience implementing and managing all aspects of QuickBooks for not-for-profit organizations.
No Sometimes Sometimes Yes
Paperless Document Management System
Sequel based, searchable document management platform.
No No No Yes
Customized Workflow Procedures
Tasks and procedures that create best practices and streamlines procedures.
Sometimes Sometimes No Yes
Customized Financial Statements and Reports
Dashboards, financial statements, reports
Sometimes Sometimes No Yes
Real Time Access to Financial Reports
The ability to access detailed and summary reports as needed.
No No No Yes
Electronic Accounts Payable/Check Run Process
Approval and batch payments through direct connection between your bank and QuickBooks.
No No No Yes
Integrated Banking & Accounting System
Complete integration between QuickBooks and your online banking platform and tools.
No No No Yes
Staffing Expertise On-Demand
Additional expertise is available to oversee bookkeeping function as needed.
Sometimes No No Yes
Monthly Cost Range $5-8K
Fixed Fee Cost
Your cost for bookkeeping and accounting services will be fixed. Never exceed your budgeted costs.
No No No Yes

No – No
Sometimes – Sometimes
Yes – Yes